Thumbelina - The Musical

A tale of adventure, love and true friendship

Thumbelina, a girl just the size of a thumb, is looking for true love and hapiness. On her thrilling journey she encounters many different characters. Because of the love and the strength of her mother and with the help from her best friend Giuseppe, an italian swallow, she defies all the challenges on her way and, regardless of her 'being different', she will find true hapiness at the end.

A Family Musical for each age with the magic of a classical tale and with many timeless and funny characters. Thumbelina - The Musical captivates the audience with an enchanting story and magical, colorful music in different styles.

Music: Sami Hammi
Libretto: Katharina Köster
Lyrics: Katharina Köster, Sami Hammi
Publisher: ErBe Musikverlag
based on the fairy tale „Däumelieschen“ from Hans Christian Andersen

Music & Vocal Arrangement: Sami Hammi

Band Arrangement: Tilo M. Heinrich

Musical assistance: Kathrin Bechstein
Orchestration & Music Preparation: HEIKO Music
idea and conception: Ines Erhard and Kathrin Bechstein
world premiere: April 3rd 2008, Stadtgarten Schwäbisch Gmünd

length: feature-length (105 min.)